Hun Lee betreibt in Seoul den schönen Blog “Il gusto del signore” oder   멋진 한국신사의 감각 wir haben ihn getroffen und ihm ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Tell us about you personal background

I graduated from FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology of State University of New York) majored in Fashion merchandising management. After school I came back to Korea, started my work as PR professional. Several years later, I decided to do my own job. And that was a fashion related one. I started my blog in Korean. Soon it became very popular, and I realized the lack of menswear related information for the Korean market. I decided to be a person to provide the information for men to develop their taste in a more sophisticated way. Now my blog has more than 6 million accmulated visitors, every day around 1000 people. As an author I published two books about mens wear. And supported two additional books as translator. I am also working as an Ambassador of Vitale Barberis Canonico for the Korean Market.

Korea is so far not known as the sartorial heart off the world, how did you start your journey into clothing?

I was always a garments lover, had never worn what mom’s buy for me, loved vintage, old style clothings.

When have you decided to become a fashion blogger?

That was about 10 years ago….


Have you always been interested in mens style?

Yes, because I am a man.

What is the meaning of style for you?

Life, breathing, living, communicating, behaving, what I most love, and my forever love.

How has your blog evolved?

It grows like a weeds after the rain.

You started design-collaborations with some selected partners. Tell us more, please.

I have been always interested in designing and like to share my taste with someone off similier taste. Now I work with some Korean brands like Mannequin, Mementomoriand Jeff. The collaborations compris mostly mens accessories like leather goods and ties.

And you wrote a book. Enlighten us about the idea and the topics in your writing .

As I mentioned, Korean people have a lack of information about styling. The first book was about around 60 garments I own. Telling about where this pattern comes from, why people started wear it. Why I choose it. How to wear it. What is the origin of this fabric. Who can make this the best. What is the standard to chose specific items.The Second book based on my column in Koreas number one newspaper in the last two years. And I added some nice photos I took visiting Pitti during last 10 years. It is very smple and easy content.


How ist Korea in terms of mens wear, there seems to be a high interesst in european style and also a very long tradtion of craftmanship.

I say yes. We had a very long tradition with our royal families. And were well known for some craftmanships. Due to those reasons, we have an eye on beauty. During the colonial period, the Korean war and while being mordernized we lost a lot of traditional skills and beautiful things. Now to learn form Europe and to build up our own style is natural step, I guess.

Your favourite makers?

Many. In terms of “ready to wear” I love Camoshita, Stile Latino, Gabo Napoli, Mario Muscariello, Emmeti, Drew and Co and so on…..

And the favourite tailors?

Now my favourite is Sartoria Ciccio. And I like Sartoria Ciardi, Sartoria Formosa, Sartoria Jun (Korean). I am dreaming about a pair of suits from the Cesare Attolini by Cesare himself. And a suit form Antonio Panico. Also, I’m very curious about Sartoria Chiaia.

And Shirts?

I usually wear Korean local shirts makers. Goshe and Steady State are best two. Mario Muscariello and Maria Santangello are my favorite two form Napoli.

And trousers?

I used to wear Ambrosi Napoli, but stopped with some reason. Recently finding the alternatives.

We met in a train after attending the Pitti while you where further travelling Italy. What do you like – beside mens wear – about our italian friends?

Italia is my second home country. Italian‘s love, passion, affection, betray, kindness, and everything….. I simply love.

Please give us a Tip for a good place to eat in Seoul

Many!!!! Can not tell just one or two. If curious? Be my sincere friend. Will take you there.